Advancing RF & microwave connectivity on earth and in space


LambdaG designs and manufactures innovative radio frequency (RF) components for aerospace and defence applications. We also specialise in antenna systems for small satellites.

Our know-how is based on expertise in the successful development of space-qualified antennas and antennas for defence communications. We also offer RF consulting services such as antenna design, testing and performance analysis.


South Africa has an established space industry and LambdaG seeks to contribute to SA’s global competitiveness. LambdaG was founded in 2018 with a mission to address the modern small satellite requirement for lightweight, compact and sometimes integrated antennas. Leveraging innovations in additive manufacturing, in 2019 we commenced with  commercializing customizable microwave sub-assemblies and waveguide components.

LambdaG is currently developing several requirement-driven  RF products from L- to Ka-band as innovative solutions to the growing satellite communication requirements. Our space products are available through our strategic partner, NewSpace Systems, a satellite subsystems manufacturer.


We offer standard or custom RF & microwave solutions up to 40 GHz. These products utilise technologies in microstrip, stripline and 3D printed waveguides. 


Integrated Antenna Assembly

Model ANT-KB-TRIA is a lightweight K-band antenna assembly that enables high data-rate downlinks and uplinks from low earth orbit. The assembly consist of a profiled horn with an integrated septum polarizer and optional bandpass filter(s).

  • Dual circular polarised 
  • Highly customizable (including mounting hardware)
  • Optional integrated filtering
  • Lightweight with low PIM
  • Excellent performance over broad frequency bandwidth
  • Symmetric radiation patterns


Active L1 GPS Antenna

Model ANT-L1-GNSS is a compact L1/E1 band active antenna developed specifically for small satellites.

  • Compact size
  • High accuracy
  • Space-qualified
  • Excellent multipath rejection
  • Stable performance over temperature

Waveguide Components

Passive Microwave Waveguide Components

Utilising additive manufacturing we develop passive microwave waveguide components up to Ka-Band. This additive manufacturing solution allows for unparalleled design flexibility.

  • Antenna feed chains
  • Power dividers/combiners
  • Diplexers & filters
  • Orthomode transducers
  • Waveguide to coaxial adapters
  • Custom waveguide designs


We specialise in antenna design, passive components and sub-assemblies which can be customised to your specific frequency, power and configuration requirements.

Custom designs


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